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As the lineup changes and lack of generals

Le 2 November 2017, 07:35 dans Humeurs 0

As the lineup changes and lack of generals Ryan Murray Adidas Jersey, Knights start situation is very difficult, in the last four games, they lost three games, the team averaged 109.5 points to get opponents, in the league standings ranked seventh, at the same time, Knight Proud of the three-pointers in the season also appeared misfiring, they hit 10.5 three-pointers can only rank 11,35.4% of the three-point shooting is ranked 13th. Knicks in the encounter after the start of the three-game losing streak Jordan Schroeder Adidas Jersey, the last beat the Nets, became the NBA this season, the last winning team, in the defeat of the Nets a war, the Knicks do offensive and defensive balance, their audience than the opponent Grabbed 21 rebounds. Green talked about this topic because the Warriors are free throws this season in the middle and lower reaches of the league, in addition to Stephen - Curry, the other people are difficult to get free throws. Green believes that staring at the regular season free throws the number of little meaning, even now they are through the diving or exaggerated action to create some fouls, to the playoffs all of them will fail. "When you got to the playoffs, it was useless to fall on it," Green said. "Even if you get some regular races by diving, how can that go?" It is useless, so why do we want to cultivate those bad habits? We are straight, you see us is real us, we are not actors, I like to teach me in accordance with the way coach Joonas Korpisalo Adidas Jersey, coach can not teach I went to dive Tyler Motte Adidas Jersey.

Knight has won 10 consecutive victories

Le 2 November 2017, 07:35 dans Humeurs 0

Knight has won 10 consecutive victories against the Knicks, their last lost to the opponent is October 31, 2014, it is James back to the Cavaliers after the first game NHL Jerseys, on the spot, LeBron 15 shots 5 scored 17 points and five rebounds , 8 turnovers, and JR-Smith and Schumpeter was a member of the Knicks Jordan Schroeder Adidas Jersey. NBA regular season to continue, the Thunder to 101-69 victory over the Bulls, in this game Russell - Westbrook got 12 points and 13 rebounds and 13 assists in the data, which also made him the only one in NBA history In the face of all the league teams are gains three pairs of players Lukas Sedlak Adidas Jersey. Warriors will be sitting at home against the Pistons Blake Siebenaler Adidas Jersey, recently stumbled warriors are expected to win four straight. The last three games three minutes feel cold Stephen - Curry can get back three minutes feel? Tencent sports will be 8:30 am on the game video broadcast, welcome fans to watch.

Such a record is enough to make the league

Le 2 November 2017, 07:35 dans Humeurs 0

Such a record is enough to make the league are shocked Markus Nutivaara Adidas Jersey, but for the Thunder players seem to have been commonplace - even in the team's internal training Andre Benoit Adidas Jersey, Wei is also a take three double Zhuer. "In our team's training session, he has already played three times when we hit us." Anthony smiled and said in an interview Oliver Bjorkstrand Adidas Jersey. Bulls in the game offensive very bad, the team's shooting only 28.2%. "Tonight we obviously did not walk in the right direction." Bulls coach Hoybberg said. "We are not competitive, the whole team is not enough unity, playing it is not like a team in the game is casual, attack is stagnant. Curry averaged 27.7 points this season Matt Calvert Adidas Jersey, but its shooting did not achieve the expected shooting, shooting only 44.8%, third hit rate of only 33.8%, for a 180 into the club's shooter, This is obviously not a satisfactory answer. Over the past three games, Curry turned into a wave outside the arc, he shot a total of only 34 of 9, hit only 26.4%.

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